Week 14 – A Kingdom Torn in Two

Scripture Readings:  1 Kings 12-16

Major Themes


Right Worship

Tearing down of “high places”

Idolatry (Golden Calves, Asherim)


Political Struggle

Jeroboam v Rehoboam

Israel v Judah


Obedience to/Fulfillment of God’s Word


Man of God


Man of God


          Who is this man of God? (13:1)

          “Alter, Alter!” – Why does he prophecy against the alter, and not against Jeroboam? (v2)

Where does he go wrong? (v21)


Jeroboam’s Downfall/Israel’s Downfall


  • Jeroboam as fulfillment of Samuel’s prophecy (1 Samuel 8:10-22) – representative of the failure of the kings to bring lasting peace
  • Jeroboam’s parallels with Saul and David
    • Loss God’s favor (11:31, 14:7f)
    • Loss of child (14:17)

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