Week 16 – The Beginning of the End



1-39 Pre-exilic

First Isaiah (Isaiah’s prophetic ministry, God’s judgment of Judah)

40-55/56-66 Post-exilic

Second/Third Isaiah (Eschatological hope, Messiah)

Major Themes


Prophetic Witness

  • Call (Is. 6)
  • Life (7-8, 20…See also 1 Kings 16)
  • Proclamation against injustice

God’s judgment of Judah (Isaiah 1)

Eschatological Hope (Isaiah 2, 40, 55, 66)

Messiah (Suffering Servant) Isaiah 53

Use of Poetry/ Imagery


Isaiah 1:3, 2:4

God as mother (Isaiah 66:13)

Isaiah in the New Testament

Isaiah OT book used more than any other

Year of Jubilee

Isaiah 58:6, 61:1-2 & Luke 4


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