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Each week at this site you will find information and resources that will hopefully help you in your preparation for Sunday School and worship each week as we journey through The Story at Temple Baptist Church.  Feel free to leave questions and comments about each week’s texts in the comments sections so that others can benefit from the conversation.  And we invite you to join with us each week at Temple Baptist Church as we study through The Story together!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to thestoryattemple.wordpress.com!

  1. Here is a challenge for non-math minds: When you read about Noah and the great flood, how many total days did Noah and his family stay in the ark? I am adding it up again and will try to post before someone beats me to it.

    I learned so many things from these eight chapters that I assumed I knew for years! Thanks to The Story for enlightening me. How many times have we heard “everybody knows about the creation”?

    Where is your Eden? What is inside your Eden that is tempting you to do something that you know is forbidden?


    • Not knowing exactly how a calendar would have looked in this time, I get a very rough estimate of 380 days Noah spent on the ark. Interestingly, I never noticed before that they get on the ark 7 days before the flood starts – Genesis 7:4-10.


      • I am getting a different total, and admit it is a challenge for me.
        7:4 7 days
        8:5 – 300 days
        8:6 – 40 days
        8:10 – 7 days
        8:12 – 7 days
        8:14 – 30 days
        TOTAL: 391 days


  2. From Session 1: Thus, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents the knowledge and the ability to do anything and everything, right or wrong.
    Do we really have free will when we dedicate our lives to God?


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